" it was the first little toe-wander across the Greg Perimeter, that line around the front two rooms. It was the first shy tentacle tap, the first tendril nuzzle."(304,  Sullivan)
This passage brings in the over-all feel of the story, ignorance and disrespect. He wants to drive in the idea to the readers that publicity isn't all fun and dandy, it comes with a price, whether it be good or bad. This specific part to the story sets a bold, driving but not fully upfront approach to the situation him and his family experienced while living in a house being occupied by TV producers. Readers shouldn't just  read the surface meaning, but also as well as the hidden meaning. The snare tone he brings to this helps to strategies the rest of

“ I just couldn't handle it any more, the feel of anxiety got me. It was the tension, the rising fear.”



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