“I was once at a Halloween party and I didn’t take off my mask all night. It completely eliminated all social anxiety.” “Sometimes I wish I never had to take the mask off,” says Urban Avenger (Ronson 248). 

The author is trying to create a metaphorical approach to real life superheroes. He shows from past experience the alter ego he created for himself as well as other heroes do. The men who dress up in these costumes seem to feel a lot more comfortable under a mask, rather who they actually are in order to fight crime. Their alter ego becomes a sense of security. This passage strikes me as bold and a sense of a television series with a comical approach. Ronson brings in the Halloween story to allow the readers to create a personal connection to what he feels.

“I was once at a huge meet and so I wore my lucky running socks. It helped to feel a sense of security.” “I always need to wear them for huge meets.”



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