"This is what i learned: he was working at this, too. Death didn't happen to Steve, he achieved it."
Through this except in " Transcription of a Eulogy" by Mona Simpson we learn about  the part of her brother's life, Steve Jobs, fight towards cancer. We are informed of the amount of strength, courage and ambition Steve had during his last days fighting cancer along with successfully accepting death and the astonishing high level of success he had during his life with Apple.  To me this passage of the Eulogy strikes me as bold, moving and clearly has a double meaning because of how Jobs worked towards everything he achieved in is short life span. Even though in the end cancer won technically, Mona wants to readers to be well aware of how her brother took death as an accomplishment. Mona's tone and use of adjective's  supports her main purpose in showing how special and one of a kind Steve Jobs really is. She uses repetition in the passage like "he" and "Steve" to emphasize on the importance he has left in technology along with his driving motives to give it all he had. 

'This is what I realized: she was struggling, also. Ballet didn't come easy to Lisa, she loathed it."




03/14/2013 9:26am

Excellent commonpalce analysis. Think also about how she brings to the forefront an unexpected idea to really get her audience think--how can somebody achieve death? It is a fascinating way to think about somehting we usually think negatively about.


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