"We would eat pizza and candy for  all of ow  meals. We wouldn't have  sex, but we would  have crushes on  each other  and, magically, babies would appear in our home. We would win the lottery  and then buy  land in Wyoming where we world have one of  every kind of  cute animal A1l  the while, Colin would be working in law enforcement - probably the FBI."


 This exert taken from a brief overview of what’s to come in the rest of the passage, foreshadows the questionable masculinity of Orleans friend Colin, and the desired marriage she wishes for them. This section brings a metaphorical approach leading into the actually story of Colin. I like the way Orlean uses insignificant and significant details to make the readers question what’s actually going to happen, along with what’s the hidden meaning. The description of a fantasy life she strive for with him brings a humorous and quirkiness tone to the piece. I really am drawn to the figurative language and unrealistic hopes.  

 We can run and jump through meadows all of the day. We wouldn’t have a care, but we would be cautious of the time and somehow, fairies would fly over our heads. We can ask for wishes and save all the lost children, where we would start our own orphanage. 


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