“The correct analysis, he would call it. He wouldn’t approve of the fact that the protesters were mainly white, mainly out-of-tiwners, mainly young people, mainly people speaking in vague terms without any real scientific understanding of political economy, These characteristics were an indication of something reactionary, he might say.”

 This passage is describe a writers, Said Sayrafiezadeh’s personal connection and opinion to the Socialist Workers Party in comparison to Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park.   He, wasn’t at all for going to see the up rawer in the park do to his childhood memories with marches, protests and selling The Militant newspaper for his father, who left and never had time for his son. He finally got the means to go to Zucotti Park, only to judge how his father would never approve of this kind of protest and lack of organization. 



02/26/2013 10:20am

Waht, no imitation? You really need to do that, go back and edit it in. Also be sure to remember to focus on how they use language not just what is said.


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