"So here comes this blond, divorced, from a loft Old Eastern Shore family. (Ah, her family. It's the combination that gets him, we feel: her brassy glittering hair, levitating about her head and then dripping in wellmodulated scrolls; coupled with that Anglo-Saxon lineage. Later, he will spend their honeymoon searching the London museums for her ancestors.) Her ex-husband was in the state legislature" (Tyler).

This excerpt really catches my eye because of how bold it is, especially with the phrase “her brassy glittering hair” followed by more descriptive words to suggest this woman’s appearance.  Tyler goes from a highly over exaggerated description, to a whole other point about her ex-husband.  Tyler brings  this point into the passage to not lay out what her motives are, but her tone and figurative language, helps to send a clear image to what she wants us to catch onto.

So he comes, arrogant, snotty, from a Beverly Hills family.( Ah, that clan. It’s the amount cologne he wears, that drives her in, we all thing, his muscular arms, sitting on his shoulders and the perfect chiseled shape bod. She will, later give her-self up to him in France.) His ex-girlfriend  was a model.



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