The nature vs. Nurture debate really concerns the importance of a person's individualism.  What concept controls a person's life? Is it one or the other, or could it be both.  Can a genetic background determine who you are as a person today or is it the upbringing of your childhood that shapes you. Does every experience you go through make your personality you? Can someone who is adopted be the same as their biological parents, or are they more in comparison to their  adopted ones. Are the studies about twins separated at birth true. I really want to compare the two and research others opinions on the matter.I don’t doubt that genes exert a powerful influence, but I  personally think that nurture does play a huge part in forming personality, The debate has been a huge controversy for a long period of time and i like to put my opinion into the debate.

My goal for this issue is to state both sides opinions on the debate, to claim my opinion on what side has the upper hand.

2/14/2013 02:26:29 am

If I were researching this topic, I would highlight twin and kinship studies because their main focus is the nature vs. nurture debate and there is much research that has been done on this topic.

Dermot Sullivan
2/14/2013 02:26:57 am

This is a good topic choice and you seem like you are really interested in it. In my opinion, I think you should focus on how nature and nurture controls a person's life.

2/21/2013 12:50:33 am

At this point of the debate on the issue, most people have come to a determination that it is little of both--your job will be to show how th e new understanding helps us to think about people's behavior.


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