Tentative thesis. 

Crime scene shows are changing the public’s expectation in the criminal justice system.


Reality is the power of things as they actually exist and it is often contrasted with what is imaginary. The truth refers to what is real, while falsity refers to what is not. Hollywood directors have made a huge contribution with making truth and falsity blur together. We are all familiar with the long list of programs that have focused on crime and law enforcement, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case, and Bones. These television shows typically feature a team of forensic scientists who try to solve and investigate mysterious deaths through the latest technology. In the end the investigators end up deciphering who killed the victim and the cause of death.

Series of questions 

Is it that simplistic in actual reality?

Can television programs affect the way people decide in a case?

What’s real life forensic science like?

Is there statistical evidence to prove it?

My strategies & Framing 

Who? An attorney of New Jersey, Bob Conty.

I am going to be presenting information from Bob Conty, an attorney from New Jersey, a good friend of my fathers. He is the son of the longest standing judge in the state, and has a strong voice in this particular situation.  I will use his voice to support the research I have done on the subject, to strengthen my perspective.


I plan to use multiple methods in developing my ideas. Including statistical facts, scholarly journals and a case where a person was affected from the CSI Effect. I would like to compare the case to what the CSI affect is and how it can change a course in someone’s life. I will be using real life examples, but not personal connections because I have not been affected first hand.

Why this project? 
 I began to look into this topic because it fascinates me to no end.  I want to bring up this phenomenon that really seems to be affecting our justice system in a negative way. I feel as though people should be more aware of the influence Hollywood programs have on real life scenarios.  I really hope to enlighten those who are less educated on the topic. This topic is really significant in the way our Justice System runs. 

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I'm still a little bothered by the so what factor--I'm not sure this matters much, but I will give you the opportunity to wow me with your descriptive and reflective powers. You seem to have a good handle on the issue and I'm kind of looking forward to reading it. However, you do not have your bio prepared.


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