PACES analysis 

The Occupied Wall Street Journal protest previously one going injustice in the government in order to capture the public’s attention, stand up and make their voices heard. He grabs the readers by appealing to the audience emotionally by eye opening facts that state the lack of righteousness. They argue the cruel treatment of animals, inequality in the workplace and the participation in torture of innocent people overseas. They rationalize their reasoning with emphasizing the demand on social change. The Journal’s point here is that they want to emphasis that reality is skewed. It must be stressed that this article is directed to the citizens who aren’t aware of such actions. The evidence place through illustrates a mental image to us. Personal experience, being the New York City General Assembly, certainly helps to prove it’s from a credible source. The way the article is presented to the readers gives a clear indication as to the impact they want to leave in their minds. The informative tone draws the readers in to want to find out what’s going to happen next.  The factual based, intriguing evidence appeals to the public. The thriving interest for justice really gains the reader’s attention.




02/12/2013 7:55am

Megan you hit on some good points, however your analysis needs to be a little better organized and less haphazard. Think about the elements that will help you expalin if the peice is successful or unsuccessful in achieveing its project and use items to support that [point.


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